Pioneering addressable audio with LiSTNR

• using behavioral intelligence •


Australia’s largest radio broadcaster

LiSTNR’s radio stations, podcasts and news broadcasts reach more than 8 million Australians every single month.


CPM Increase


Of impressions had a cohort or live moment assigned


Of active users had a cohort assigned


Reach hard-to-identify personas at scale

As a market leader in audio advertising, LiSTNR strives to pioneer technologies that meet advertisers' evolving needs for targeting and data analytics.
By adopting the NumberEight platform, they were looking to address challenging briefs that require reaching hard-to-identify personas.
Additionally, following Apple's iOS14.5 severe impact on Australia's mobile market, they were looking to maximize addressability while prioritizing the protection of users' privacy.

”The ability to offer hyper-targeted campaigns without the need for PII or identifiers is ground-breaking.”

Kim Loasby, Digital Ad Product & Strategy Director, SCA/LiSTNR


Real cohorts, real impact

In the space of 9 months our collaboration delivered real results, from increased addressability to enhanced ad revenue and new premium campaigns.

15% CPM Lift

Data layering is one main tactic to increase impressions value. By activating in-moment and behavior based targeting, advertisers valued LiSTNR’s inventory more

92% of impressions had a cohort or live moment assigned

This significantly increased LiSTNR’s addressable impressions, making sure that every impression is valuable to advertisers

86% of active users had cohorts assigned

LiSTNR leveraged NumberEight’s Edge AI to access more of its audience data, allowing their sales team to activate campaigns at scale - even for less common personas

New campaign budgets won

LiSTNR attracted new advertising campaign budgets for brands such as Bob Jane and Swisse, which were intrigued by the ability to target against live and behavioral data


The power of cohort-based targeting

Live targeting

To reach audiences at the optimal time for maximum impact (e.g. holiday ads when people return from a trip)

Unbiased behavioral data

To attract new advertisers and cover LiSTNR’s previously unmatched demand

On-device computing

To reassure advertisers of long term privacy compliance and increase scale

Noise cancelling headphones for the internet

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