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Uplifting Campaign Performance


Self-care to the people

Kic is a wellbeing platform that offers fitness classes, mindfulness programs and healthy recipes to empower people to become their best selves.


Increase podcast downloads to establish thought leadership

Content is a key pillar of Kic’s marketing strategy.

As such, they are looking to increase their podcast downloads on the LiSTNR app; one of Australia’s largest radio apps and a key content distribution partner for Kic.

"We know that relevance is key to advertising success. It was exciting to see live moments and behavior-based targeting achieve a genuine and sustained uplift."

- Kim Loasby, Digital Ad Product & Strategy Director, SCA/LiSTNR


24% average uplift

Kic launched their campaign on the LiSTNR app with NumberEight’s behavioral intelligence in August 2022.

They achieved a remarkable 24% average uplift.


Live moments and behavioral cohorts

Mimicking their personas, KIC decided to target listeners with strong fitness and wellbeing habits, as well as people

listening during their morning routine and those who were relaxing.

They distributed their total of 340k impressions across these cohorts and moments based on expected performance.

Curious to see what behavioral intelligence can do for you?

Noise cancelling headphones for the internet

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