How can advertisers use live context and ID-less audiences?

Advertisers can personalise ads in these three ways: Based on the audiences a user belongs to (e.g. walkers, joggers) Based on a user’s live context (e.g. walking, post-exercise) Based on a combination of a user’s live context and the audiences they belong to (e.g. joggers, post-exercise)

Does the app need to be open for NumberEight to work?

If the app runs in the background (or has a background service), then we will run as well. Audio apps often run in the background, because users typically listen to music while continuing to use other apps. If the app only runs in the foreground i.e. when the app is open, we will only run […]

Can you create custom audiences?

Yes. We work closely with our demand partners and customers and leverage their experience to bring new audiences and live context types to market.

How is this different from traditional audience generation?

Traditionally, audiences have been built using data from various sources (e.g. mobile apps, IP address, web browsing) and stored in cloud databases. A unique identifier is then used to combine these different data points to determine which audiences a user might belong to, such as: EA7583CD-A667-48BC-B806-42ECB2B48606 → Auto Intender, Car Enthusiast. With on-device audiences, there […]

How are ID-less audiences generated?

As a user uses an app over a period of time, we learn about their habits based on what they do in the physical world (e.g. running 3x a week, driving every day) using any of our over 200 live contexts. These repeat behaviours give us an indication of which audiences the user might be […]

What are ID-less audiences?

ID-less audiences refers to cohorts of mobile app users (e.g. joggers, shoppers) who demonstrate certain behavioural attributes and can be targeted by advertisers without the need for mobile advertising identifiers (IDFA/AAID).