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We partner with mobile supply partners such as SSPs, digital audio, and in-game advertising solutions, empowering you to move boldly towards a privacy-first advertising future.

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You will get access to 200+ live contexts and 70+ behavioural audiences. You can request the full taxonomy here.

The scale you’ll get depends on your scale. The more users you have, the bigger your scale will be – and the more your users use your app, the richer your data will be. Live context signals cover 100% of users from day 1, and behavioural audiences will show up within the first few days of using the app.

We use permissions that the app has already received from the user, and don’t require any additional permissions.

No. This is an ID-less solution.

Euclid is an SDK based solution. It can be bundled within your own SDK, integrated as a plug-in, or included directly within the app. To get access to our SDK documentation, please contact us or book a demo.